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Experience of Delta Five Security


We have provided or are currently providing security services to critical infrastructure facilities like Miami International Airport, Opa-Locka Airport, Water and Sewer Plants, Miami Dade Transit System, Public Libraries, Parks and Marinas, Municipal Buildings, Communication Towers and Facilities. Our Miami Security Guard Company is one of the most affordable security guard agencies in Miami, FL.

  • Commercial Facilities Sector (Hotels, high rise luxury condominiums, shopping malls and retail centers all over the tri-county area).
  • Financial Services Sector (Financial institution with multiple branches including their main branch located in West Miami).
  • Food and Agriculture Sector (Large multinational food, liquor and luxury goods distribution centers).


    1. Clarity and complete honesty on pricing issues – If we cannot service it right, we will not sell it.
    2. Excellent support and personal customer service in all price categories.
    3. The best value for your security investment when compared to our competition.
    4. Exclusive training programs designed for our company by leading experts in their respective fields.
    5. We customize training to fit your needs. No cookie cutter approach is applicable to all accounts.
      1. We strictly enforce grooming, uniform wear and personal hygiene standards of our personnel.
      2. Customized reports for each post – Management can easily track performance and review results.
      3. We create a partnership with our clients and promote teamwork at every post.
      4. Friendly, courteous and efficient service 24 hours a day, every day.
      5. The most experience security team in South Florida. Over 50 years combined experience!