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According to data from the FBI, there have been 277 active shooter incidents that occurred in the United States from 2000 to 2018, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. There’s always a chance of facing gun-related violence, whether you are in school, a movie theater, a convenience store, music concerts, or even at your workplace.

When confronted with violence it is a natural reaction for people to feel helpless and overwhelmed. Humans WILL experience intense, paralyzing fear when faced with a violent, unstable person with a gun. Fear is natural, but human beings have an astounding ability to overcome it and react when needed. We want to help you learn how to respond most efficiently and safely possible.

Delta Five Institute is proud to announce our 4-hour Active Shooter Training, also known by law enforcement as the Active Killer Training, that will prepare your team, peers, and staff in case of an active shooting event. Contact our expert instructors to set-up a class for your company.

Training Does Help

Active shooter situations are highly unpredictable, and people facing them don’t have much control. That’s why many people think that no amount of training can prepare them for such situations. Here’s a look at how our active shooter seminar can help you and your employees:

Focuses the Mind

If there’s one thing that can cut through paralyzing fear and make you act, it is knowledge and training. If you know what to do in active shooter situations, you are more likely to be focused and react appropriately.

Reduces the Chances of Fatalities

A plan and proper mental focus can save your life and the lives of people around you. Training and any expense associated with it is the appropriate utilization of your time and resources solely for that reason alone.

Calm Others

Mass panic and fear are just as dangerous as the active shooter event itself, especially in crowded spaces like malls and concerts. When people are running for their lives, they will disregard the safety of individuals around them. Active shooter training teaches calmness, leadership, and the art helping others in tragic events.

Eliminate Indecisiveness

Making quick decisions while under stress is very difficult. Your mind isn’t capable of reasoning or coming up with an elaborate plan in such situations. Training gives you a clear path to options so you can make better decisions and follow them without hesitation.

These are just some of the many advantages of going through our active shooter training. Our seminars are geared to give your employees the confidence and mental power to react adequately. This small investment may save the lives of your employees, your customers and even your own! 

Why Should Companies Have Active Shooter Training?

Everyone assumes that they won’t face an active shooter situation, even after seeing news of shooters walking into ordinary locations and wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, no business, store, or establishment is safe, regardless of how small or large. Here are some reasons why companies should have active shooter seminars regularly:




Lt. Raul (Chewy) Martinez is a retired Police Lieutenant from the Miami-Dade Police Department with over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience.

Upon his retirement, he came to the realization that he still had something to give back to his fellow first responders, their agencies, and private companies. It is with this desire to educate and mentor, that he created my own company, The H.E.R.O. Consultant Group and now; keeping with his desire to give back, he also elected to instruct for the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training Academy of Counterterrorist Education, (NCBRT) at Louisiana State University, (LSU.)

Coming from a law enforcement background, I’ve served in several capacities for the past thirty years to include Road Patrol, Investigations, Forensics, Training, Command and Control, Police Operations, and Emergency Management. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Emergency Management and Planning. I’ve had the experience of serving at the Officers Level as well as the Command Level in several of these fields throughout my career. I’ve been a certified Police instructor since the early 90’s and have taught in several areas to include: investigations, supervision (First-Line and Middle Management), Incident Command and in the critical incident management fields. In the Emergency Management field, I am certified by the State of Florida to instruct, (L-449) in Incident Command System, ICS, and have been certified as an Incident Commander and Operations Section Chief. For Miami-Dade County during the Emergency Operations Center, EOC, activations, I’ve acted in the capacity of Public Safety Branch Director, and Municipal Branch Director accordingly.

During any critical event (s) that involves a police response, it is imperative that police field commanders as well as the civilian populations we serve, are properly trained in the field of emergencies and police command and control. Making the proper critical decisions at the start of any critical event will most likely lead to the successful conclusion and the desired outcome at all major scenes. I look forward to sharing and interacting with all of you as we move forward to better serve and protect this great Nation.