Security Services for Courthouses

Courthouses require detailed security arrangements because there are several high-profile, at-risk individuals inside the building at any given time. It is crucial to ensure that everyone who enters the courthouse is safe, and they don’t enter areas that are off limits to them. Security guard services in Miami include physical security, vigilance, traffic control, and access control. Guards work with technology to ensure the areas in and around the courthouse is secure.

What Can You Expect From Security Services for Courthouses?

All physical security assignments are different, and every client has different priorities. Courthouses require experienced and professional guards for several purposes. Here’s a look at what you can expect from Delta Five Security:

  • Guards station themselves at all entrances and exits inside and outside the property. These positions allow them to monitor the flow of traffic in and out of the building.

  • They look out for suspicious behavior or activities. Professional guards are trained to spot unusual activities in a large crowd. They understand body language and know how to keep an eye on people.

  • Experienced security guards also intervene if there’s any disturbance. It’s not uncommon for fights or arguments to break out in courthouses. Guards can intervene and make sure the individuals involved are separated from one another and don’t cause any harm.

  • A well-established security guard company in Miami will train their guards for emergencies as well. They work with law enforcement, know how to evacuate the courthouse, and ensure that witnesses and other people are protected.

Every courthouse requires a customized security service. We study the floor plans, entry and exits points and locations of the windows. We also make a note of the location of different courtrooms, offices, etc., and plan the security accordingly. You will need more eyes for more people, especially when high-profile cases are being presented in court. Security experts will assess all of the risk factors and vulnerabilities before creating a plan.

State of Art Technology

We utilize state of the art automated systems and GPS technology to monitor our officers’ performance and streamline communications with management with the use of an online management reporting system that allows managers timely access to reports and issues of concern, including parking enforcement, maintenance and safety issues.


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