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As a business owner, it is essential for you to apply security measures to ensure the security and safety of your business entity, as well as the employees’ protection. Fire and crime are some of the incessant problems faced by entrepreneurs, and there is a need to put in place guidelines that will prevent the occurrence of these incidents. However, if any of these incidents happen, you should also ensure it does not occur for the second time.

Criminal activities are in various forms, and these include forgery, robbery, white-collar robbery, arson, perjury, bribery, identity theft amongst others. In businesses, armed robbery, identity theft, and perjury are common criminal activities that must be prevented and handled with professionalism. As an expert security services company, Delta Five Security will offer insight into the deterrents that must be utilized to avoid business owners from being victims. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is critical to make sure all windows to the building of your business are adequately secured. Unsecured windows can give the robbers the opportunity to gain access to the office and cart away vital documents and cash items. Breaking into your office can lead to data breach where these hoodlums can access private information of your clients, and it could have an adverse impact on the image of your brand.
  • Ensure a deadbolt is installed on doors that have a locking knob or lever to increase the security level.
  • Make use of high-security padlocks that possess hardened steel body and shackle that can provide stiff resistance to the impact of bolt cutters, hammers, blowtorches, and drills to lock steel bars.
  • Make use of electronic access-control units on every door in your office. Anyone without the approved codes should not be allowed entry into areas where private data and sensitive materials are kept.
  • Ensure your restrooms are secured with high-security locks; employees should be the only individuals that retain the keys to these rooms.
  • It is essential to make the dark spots around your office illuminated by adding lighting and trimming the shrubs.
  • Keep the internal lights of your office spaces on, even when no one is in the building. It will help people to identify suspicious moves and alert the local security office as soon as possible.
  • Installation of a high-security lock on the front door of your office, as well as a camera with a monitor on the desk of your employees, can also reduce theft at work.
  • Maintain contact with your security guards. Read reports provided by your security guard company.
  • Get rid of items that could quickly catch fire such as plastic, paper, and other trash.
  • Conduct your cables and cords regularly. It is crucial to keep your wires where they cannot be marched upon, as stepping on them will destroy the protective casing and result in a fire outbreak.
  • Make sure your circuits are not overloaded. This can also cause fires.
  • Ensure you turn off electrical appliances before you leave the office at the end of each business day.

If you haven’t done so, contact your Security Guard Company. Delta Five Security provides Security Services to the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach areas, including a complimentary security evaluations for your business! Call 305-635-6200 or email us at Info@DeltaFiveSecurity.com