On 5/24 my teenage son went missing which as a parent is the worst possible news one could receive. This prompted friends and family on an all-out search. We combed every inch of Kendall which led us to the Sable Chase community. There we met a security guard by the name of Anan. I did not get his last name but he seemed to be from the islands. He saw that we were desperately looking for our son and was very concerned and very helpful in our search in that area. He would come by periodically and check on us and even called a couple of days later to follow up. We were happy to inform him that we finally found our son after 4 days. I am writing this because often good people and their good deeds go unnoticed and I would like to recognize Anan for his efforts and concern. Thank you for having good people like Anan looking out for the communities you serve.