Security Services for Trash Sites

Trash sites have a lot of items that can attract people like collectors, needy and homeless individuals, and children. These sites can also attract criminals who believe that any crime committed in these isolated places won’t be discovered easily. At Delta Five Security, we believe that all trash sites require professional security guard services to ensure no one trespasses on them.

How Can A Security Guard Help?

Trash sites require special security arrangements. They are often large, open, and difficult to monitor continuously. A well-trained professional from a reliable security guard company in Miami will help ensure no unauthorized individual can enter the area. Here’s a look at what they do:

  • Identify At-Risk Areas – Security guards will study the site plan and survey the area to identify any weak or vulnerable points. They will look for things like access points, unattended gates, hidden paths, etc. to understand how people can gain access to the site without anyone else noticing.

  • Patrols – Patrols are a critical aspect of maintaining security at the trash site. While digital security measures like CCTVs can help, our security guards can keep an eye on the property, it’s not as reliable as patrols. Some criminals and trespassers take note of camera locations and learn to evade them.

  • Removing Intruders – Trained security guards know how to study body language, identify threats, and conduct a risk assessment quickly. This allows them to remove intruders from the property without sustaining any injuries. They know when to call for backup and avoid a risky situation. They also know how to detain intruders peacefully and communicate with local authorities on the matter.

At Delta Five Security, we recommend a full site assessment and planning to help improve its security. It is essential to be smart about protecting the trash site and approach the job strategically.

State of Art Technology

We utilize state of the art automated systems and GPS technology to monitor our officers’ performance and streamline communications with management with the use of an online management reporting system that allows managers timely access to reports and issues of concern, including parking enforcement, maintenance and safety issues.


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