Car crime is an umbrella term that includes a number of different crimes such as vehicle break-ins, auto theft as well as theft of car accessories or parts like stereos or hubcaps. Vandalism is another aspect that is part and parcel of car crimes.

Unlike common shoplifting or retail burglary, vehicle break-ins can have a secondary impact on your business. This is because customers that have been affected by it, would be less inclined to patronize your establishment, especially if it doesn’t have any visible deterrents such as security officers and CCTV surveillance. After all, no one wants to put their possessions and vehicles at risk of damage or theft.

Facts About Car Crime Risks

The location that vehicles are parked on your commercial premises has bearing on the risk of car crime. As a matter of fact, thefts of car accessories and personal items in vehicles or vandalism to cars are not typically premeditated acts. These crimes tend to take place because the vehicle was parked in an unsecured space, with a number of other cars. This allows perpetrators to break into vehicles in an unhindered manner and escape easily too. Some of the most common locations where vehicle break-ins take place include:

  • Parking facilities in urban areas
  • Shopping mall parking lots
  • Parking facilities that have easy access to freeways
  • Facilities located near schools
  • Surface lots that have numerous pedestrian accesses
  • Parking lots with no CCTV surveillance or inadequate lighting
  • Outdoor areas with no evidence of security personnel

Preventing Vehicle Break-Ins and Vehicle Theft in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach

Vehicle break-ins, vehicle vandalism, car theft etc. are more likely to occur where there are specific parking usage patterns. This gives perpetrators a chance to find the perfect opening to either vandalize or break into a car. Maintaining the credibility of your establishment is a lot about ensuring that your customers feel safe when they patronize your business. One of the best ways to do this is to hire the services of an expert security guard agency to serve your community.

When you hire the services of a great and experienced security company, you can rest assured that the parking areas and the other areas of your business premises are well protected from car thieves, vandals, and other perpetrators.

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